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Dedication, Determination, Devotion, Discipline we are Q4D

This is, (proposed) home of the Quitman Emergency Services Network, focused on the 4 “D’s” of Dedication, Determination, Devotion and Discipline. is a real-time “information station” serving Quitman and Clarke County, Mississippi. Residents are invited sign up to receive free emergency alerts by email or by phone using the form below. [Note: The monthly cost to the city/county of providing this service will range from $25-$200 per month depending on the number of text messages sent.]

What are Alerts?

Alerts are emergency messages from city and county officials requiring immediate distribution to the public. Types of messages that can be sent include police bulletins, boil water notices, severe weather alerts, road closures, school closures, hazardous conditions such as downed power lines and tree limbs, and essential communications regarding evacuations, shelter availability, food, water and fuel availability, and more in the event of a major disaster.

Once posted, alerts will be sent out automatically via email and text message to all county residents who have signed up to receive them on their phones, tablets and computers.

Other important messages of a NON-emergency nature will be posted at These include information about upcoming town meetings, changes to trash pickup times, city/county office closures due to holidays, breaking news of immediate interest, and more.